Ideas on How to Make a Bachelor Party Amazing

If you are planning a bachelor party for anyone then you will want to make it special and different. Anyone can throw a party and have exotic dancers for better experience and enjoyment.

But, what if you want unique and like nothing that has ever been done before? What then? Well, you have come to the right place, read on for some ideas on how to organise the best bachelor party ever.


For most people, the bachelor party is one night even and usually ends up with a prank on the groom. The party is the night before the wedding and sometimes the groom has nearly missed the wedding because of the bachelor party.

So you could break with tradition and organize the event the week before the wedding and take the groom away for the weekend. It could be anywhere really, as long as the groom has a good time and he remembers the weekend for the rest of his life.

For some bachelor weekends, they have stayed in the country but they have just gone to a different city. There is one city in particular for bachelor weekends and would be amazing but might be a bit expensive.

If money isn’t really an object, then people have gone to some European cities for their bachelor weekends and had an amazing time there. They don’t remember much, but they remember that they loved it there.

Night Club

Another option is to hire a nightclub for the night and have the club just for your party. This will cost a lot of money, but it will be worth it. If you don’t want to hire the club, you could just have a VIP section for the party and then have members of the public and other guests in the club as well.

Therefore, the club won’t look too empty and other people can mingle with your party and make friends. Therefore, the bachelor party will seem like a massive event.

Party Bus

One option that is becoming a lot more popular is, hiring a party bus. The bus can drive you around, or it can take you on a tour of all the popular nightclubs.

The great thing about a party bus is that there is a nightclub actually on the bus. Furthermore, the bus just looks like a normal bus from the outside.

It could turn up to pick everyone up and they will wonder why you have booked a plain-looking bus, but when they actually get on the bus, all will become clear.

Most party buses have enough space for around 30 people, and it will have a fully stocked bar. There will also be booths for people to sit and enjoy the dance on the floor.

Some people have hired the party bus and then asked the company to have a theme for the party. Therefore, they have mad movie parties, James Bond parties and even a CSI theme.

Plus, you could get the driver to take you wherever you want to go, within reason and you will be totally immersed in the atmosphere of the party bus. The driver’s area is completely sectioned off so you will forget that he or she is even sitting there. On some party buses, the driver will act like a host but if you don’t want that, you can just tell the company.

Enjoy Your Party Bus Experience

Booking a party bus for a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party may seem like a great way to book both a party location and transportation efficiently, but there are several factors to consider before you board the bus for a night of debauchery. By being proactive about details when booking your party bus, you’ll eliminate any last minute issues from popping up during the night of the event.

Booking Confirmation
While renting a bus for the night may seem like an easy, run of the mill process, the intricacies involved are surprising. In addition to ensuring the driver and vehicle are insured, every detail of the reservation needs to be confirmed in advance. This includes what kind of bus you’re renting (with seats, minimal seats, open top, etc), how many people can fit, where you’ll be picked up and dropped off, and if the driver will make stops at a party goer’s request. Be sure to read through your contract with the company and speak to a representative to make sure all the details are set in stone.

Food and Drinks
Some buses include food and drinks as part of their packages, while others do not include them at all. If food and drink from the bus company are an option, look into the prices of those packages and compare them to other rates. If you don’t want to use the services provided by the bus company, or the company doesn’t offer food and drinks, ask if you can bring your own. This can bring down the cost significantly if you provide certain foods, and ask guests to bring what they want as well.

Though you may plan this out with a representative before the event, confirm the route with your party bus driver. There could be a chance that they’re not aware of where you planned to go, or may have a better idea of easier routes for large buses. By double-checking this detail, you won’t be left confused and waiting for a bus to show up with all your guests.

Everyone has different musical tastes, but determining what/where music will play from on the bus is crucial. Music will help put guests at ease, and keep the party going as you drive around town, so make sure you know who will be selecting and playing the music. And if you can provide your own music, ask what sort of sound system they have, so you have any additional supplies necessary.

This is obviously an important step in the party bus booking process. Without knowing the price, how will you know if you’re getting a good deal? Buses will charge either a flat or hourly rate, but some may throw in additional charges for fuel, tip, and going over your allotted time. Compare prices from various bus companies and weigh the pros and cons before making your final decision.

Have A Christmas Party Where Everyone Has Fun And No-One Has To Clean Up

The holidays are sneaking up on us pretty quickly now and we all know how frantic it becomes!

We kick off the festive season with Halloween, and then before you know it it’s Thanksgiving with the big meal and lots of family, friends and football.

Then, all of a sudden, you have gifts to wrap, heaps of pre-christmas activities to participate in or plan and then there is the Christmas party.

Every year it’s the same as you think about and then start planning and preparing food for family and friends. Once the big day is over you have to turn around and spend just about the same amount of time on the big clean up.

Why not make it easier on yourself this year and have your Christmas party on a bus!

Yes! On a bus!

Not just any bus but a special-option coach that has been fitted out for extra-special occasions just like this.

This is a venue where you can have all your guests together to enjoy the reason for the season and take them on a tour of the city lights and sights at the same time.

With a trained professional chauffeur at the wheel, your guests will be picked up at their door step and as they board the bus they’ll have beverages and food waiting for them. Your choice of festive season music or any music you and your friends want to enjoy.

This year, an enjoyable low-stress party on the bus is the way to go!

You won’t find a glass or plate weeks later stuffed under a piece of furniture in some room that the guests or kids didn’t need to be in to start with.

You won’t have to worry about spills and stains on the carpet, because it’s on the bus and it won’t be your problem to clean up!

No problems with guests driving home after drinking either – with the professional chauffeur at the wheel, everyone can party hard and be delivered back home safe and sound at the end of the night.

Whilst the drink and snacks are flowing on the bus with party-music in the background and the back-end of the bus set up for sports fans to watch their favourite game on a large flat screen, you can arrange for the bus to stop off at the crowd’s favourite restaurant and enjoy the specially prepared Christmas dinner.

Then back to the bus where Santa has left gifts for everyone and the gift exchange can start!

Do the “Secret Santa” or the “White Elephant” gift exchange, either way, you don’t have to worry about picking up trash afterward.

You just party, relax, enjoy your guests and have a fabulous time.

Even better, you know that you’ll have the party of the season which everyone will remember for years to come!

When the holiday rolls around next year, everyone will be waiting expectantly for your invitation!

The team at Party Bus are a tight knit crew who are very experienced and dedicated to their work and the tremendous value they add in providing events on wheels for their clients.

Arizona Real Estate Agent Fees

Northern Arizona offers reasonable land prices in the Southwest. It has good weather and nice views of trees and water, offering solitude and accessibility at the same time. You can reach northern Arizona by way of Route 66 and Highway 93.

You may wish to consult with real estate personnel who know the market and can help you find the best value for your money. If you are a home seller, consider consulting a marketing expert to help you find the best deal for your home.

All that is expected from you is to find the Arizona community that is perfect for you and your family and allow these agents to find your dream home that is right for your budget and lifestyle.

Some real estate agents really spend time getting to know the general real estate landscape of each community. If you are relocating to Phoenix from another state or just transferring from a nearby city, a good agent can help you find what you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for a winter get-away place or a second house, real estate agents have the knowledge and experience to aid you in your search.

Whether you are fond of art, sports, shopping or other adventures, Arizona offers all these and more. The agents will find a perfect home to fit your lifestyle and budget. They will also help you determine how much you can spend on your new home and even help you find the best mortgage loan.

After finding the home of your choice, the agents will negotiate a very good price for you. They will not only show you an Arizona home in your price range but will also show you properties that meet both your personal and financial needs.

Some real estate agents offer their services for free since the home sellers are the ones footing the bill. Be sure to check with your property brokerage firms for agent fees prior to actual consultation.

Arizona Vacation Rentals

Tourist traveling to Arizona looking for a maximum adventure and plenty of leisure time on a limited budget can rent one of the many homes that are provided by managers and owners throughout the state. Arizona’s terrain is varied and provides a plethora of opportunities for recreation & awe-inspiring vacations. Phoenix and Scottsdale are hot vacation spots with beautiful desert views. An Arizona vacation rental home can be the perfect base to settle into for a week or two and explore the deserts, the mountains, the Grand Canyon, etc. of the beautiful state of Arizona.

There are hundreds of furnished houses, condos and apartments that are available for rent on a temporary basis. This is a great alternative to renting a hotel room. They have kitchens, so you can save big time on meals, and they usually have a garage or parking space for your automobile. The best thing is you’ll save nearly 75% of the money you would have spent staying in a resort or hotel facility.

Some of the major attractions in Arizona that you might want to rent close to are Sonoran Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon Recreational Area, Diamondbacks, White Sox and Rockies Spring Training, Katchner Caverns, Saguaro National Park, Pima Air Museum, Biosphere, Kitt Peak Observatory, University of Arizona events, Davis Montham AFB, shopping, Ice Skating, Off-road tours and many golf courses to choose from in Tucson.

If you are interested in renting a home, condo or apartment in Arizona, check with a travel agent or real estate agent in the area you are interested in. They usually have lists of rentals available and they are nice places that have been thoroughly inspected. You can also check the Internet for Arizona rental information. If you do use the Internet, ask for references and make sure you are staying in an area that is close to the attractions you are looking to visit.

Arizona DUI Fines

The rising incidences of DUIs (driving under the influence) in Arizona have prompted lawmakers to institute higher fines, making it more difficult for offenders to circumvent the consequences of their actions.

The Arizona DUI fines are now pegged at $1,450 for first-time offenders and $3,400 for second-time offenders. This includes standard fines, surcharges (amounting to 80 percent of the fines), additional $500 fine imposed on first-timers, and $1240 for repeat offenders. These additional fines were imposed in August 2005, to augment the standard fines that only covered expenses for court procedures.

The additional money goes to improvements in highway safety systems and prison housing facilities, according to Arizona lawmakers. The Arizona Department of Public Safety is adding more police \ along highways to help deter and arrest drivers who go on the road while under the influence of alcohol and other substances. The fines also go to “prison construction assessments,” since every DUI offender found guilty needs to serve a mandatory prison sentence.

Note that fines actually vary depending on the gravity of the offense. First-time offenders found to have very high alcohol content in their bloodstream (.15 or more) may be asked to pay as much as $2,700. The fines stated above are the minimum fines, and depending on the judge, an offender may be forced to pay a much higher amount. In addition to the crippling fines, DUI offenders may also lose their driver’s license and are ordered to submit to alcohol screening and drug and alcohol counseling sessions.

If you happen to be charged with DUI and cannot pay the fine upfront, you have the option of paying it over time. Immediately consult with an experienced Arizona DUI attorney to prevent losing your license and to protect yourself from other possible fees. But the best advice is still prevention – don’t drink and drive. This way you stay safe, avoid fines and keep your record clean.

10 Hottest Amenities of a Party Bus

Have you heard about the hottest way to travel around San Francisco today? It’s the party bus all the way, with a plethora of amenities combined with extreme comfort and style. Party buses have become the preferred mode of travel in the 21st century, whether you are planning for a night of club hopping or simply need transportation to and from the church on your wedding day. The party bus makes getting to your destination half the fun. Check out many of the hottest amenities you may find on a Bay area party bus.


Most party buses have invested in first class lighting systems that may include strobes, lasers and disco balls. These systems can provide you with an impressive laser light show or create the perfect ambiance for a night of dancing onboard.


To complement the fantastic lighting systems, most buses are also equipped with equally impressive sound packages. You can play the tunes on board or plug in your iPod for your own personal mix.


Leather couches abound in the top line party buses, and most passengers find the accommodations quite comfortable. Some buses also include tables with built in drink holders to keep your beverages safe and sound as your travel along city streets.


Plasma TV, anyone? You can use the televisions onboard to watch your favorite movies or catch the nightly game if you are so inclined. These televisions come in particularly handy for tailgating parties, allowing you to check out the pre-game show while warming up for the big game.

DVD/CD Player

Whether you want to pop in your favorite tunes or catch a flick, this device is another fun addition to a San Francisco party bus. Nothing like a little entertainment to get the party in full swing.

Dance Floor

Yes, you heard correctly. Many San Francisco party buses provide a dance floor right in the middle of the bus. Some even include a dance pole for whatever entertainment you might see fit to provide.


Got to serve the refreshments from somewhere, right? Just make sure your bartending buddy is invited onboard. Bars will usually include coolers and ice buckets for chilling your champagne bottles.

Luggage Space

You may not think you need much cargo room for a night on the town, but storage may be at a premium for tailgating. Sufficient space may mean you can pack in that grill and a few deck chairs for hanging out in the stadium parking lot before the game.


After a long night of partying, you will be more than a little pleased to find your own private bathroom onboard. No need for frequent pit stops as you drive around town.

Bus Driver

Probably the most valuable amenity onboard, your experienced bus driver will keep you safe as you tour the city. He may also be able to tell you the hottest party spots in town and get you in the door without waiting in line. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of service!

Tailgating With a Party Bus

I was born in Jacksonville and have lived here almost my entire life. The best thing about my city is having the Jacksonville Jaguars games so close to home. My sports friends and I make it to as many games as we can. You just cannot compare watching a game on television to watching one live from the stands.

Just recently, my friends and I have started renting a party bus for the games. These buses are amazing and make the tailgating even more enjoyable than it already is. We can easily fit my 5 girlfriends and their significant others comfortably in these buses. It is like having your living room available 20 feet from the tailgate party. If it is too hot out then we can relax in the bus and cool down. I’m sure that someone could even take a nap if they wanted to.

The drivers are awesome too! My friends have always commented on the friendliness and professionalism of the drivers after we get home from a game. It must be an interesting job driving around people like my friends and I all the time. It’s just too bad that the drivers can’t watch the game with us, but we do always offer some tailgate barbecue to them.

Watching the games has become a way of life for my group of friends. The anticipation the day before the game is like Christmas Eve for us. We enjoy getting the food and beverages together that we will have before the game. Everyone brings something of their own so we never can tell exactly what we will be having at our tailgate party each game. The guys are mostly predictable which is nice because it allows the ladies to be creative since we know the staple food will be taken care of.

After the game we load up into the bus and head back towards each person’s home. Even though it takes a few hours to drop everyone off it isn’t boring at all. I think some of the crew like this part of the day the best. The are full of food and sometimes drinks but don’t have to worry about driving. If you haven’t taken a party bus to a Jacksonville Jaguars game before then I highly recommend you try it at least once. Get your friends together to split up the bill and it is very affordable and definitely worth it.

Tell your friends about tailgating with a party bus and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Check out Party Bus Rental for the next football game you go to.

The Advantages of Choosing a Party Bus Over a Limousine or Taxi Service

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about party bus rentals. Perfect for group outings on the town, they’re becoming more and more popular lately. But what makes a party bus preferable to a traditional limo or taxi?

Whether you’re planning your sister’s bachelorette party or a pub crawl with your wide network of friends, you’ll need to find a mode of transportation that keeps everyone safe, comfortable, and entertained. Unless you plan on coordinating a caravan of multiple designated drivers, your transportation options are limited to taxis, limos, and party buses.

When choosing a mode of transport, the number-one priority is making sure it can accommodate everyone. Even the most spacious minivan taxi can only fit up to six passengers, while the average limousine service may only fit between 10 and 20 passengers. On the other hand, most party buses can comfortably seat between 30 and 40 people. This spacious capacity is just one of the many reasons that party bus rentals have become such a popular choice for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Perfect for on-the-go celebrations, concerts, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and more, these versatile buses are favored over other means of transportation because they have so much more to offer.

Style. When clients want to arrive at their destination in style, they choose a sleek party bus. With chic leather seats, funky interior lighting, and a smart finish on the exterior, passengers are able to travel like Hollywood A-listers for the night. And with plenty of space for leg room, the plush, cushioned seating becomes all the more comfortable.
Entertainment. Outfitted with premium mobile electronics, party buses offer unbeatable entertainment value while en route. Passengers are able to fill the background with flashy music videos on the mobile video screens while listening to their favorite music through top-quality speakers, amps, and subwoofers. One thing is for certain: a ride on a party bus will never get dull.
Safety. Virtually all transportation services have to be licensed, bonded, and insured to secure the utmost protection for their passengers. If genuine safety is your topmost priority, try to find a company that utilizes a fleet with only QVM-certified vehicles. These vehicles will be structurally sound and 100% reliable at all times.
Convenience. Having a party bus drive you to and from an event is not only safe, but convenient. Your driver will drop you off at your destination and wait outside until the time of departure. If you’re able to find one with all-inclusive pricing – that is, without wait fees, gas surcharges, or extra cleaning costs – all the better! Party buses prevent you from having to hail a taxi, pay for parking, or cram into a crowded limousine. In addition, most models are equipped with coolers, cup holders, and champagne glasses, so you don’t have to lug any extra items.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting for bus rentals when organizing large social outings. Equipped with superb mobile audio and entertainment features, competent drivers, and everything you need for an amazing time, bus rental is a no-brainer.

Tour Buses for Sale

One of the best ways to do sightseeing in a city is to hop on to a tour bus. It gives a profile view of the city on the move. And all over the world tour buses of many kinds ferry bemused travelers who get a glimpse of the city highlights. Tour buses are used by government tourism boards, travel agencies and even small tour operators. Most tourists are happy with the spacious tour bus and the chirpy guide who provides information. It is a safe way of transport and cheap for many tourists who look for money saving options while sightseeing. Sometimes this transport is also used for out of city trips by locals. Whatever may be the reason for travel the right kind of transportation is essential. These buses are now sold by auto dealers who specialize in this sector.

For example a tour bus for sale can be found with an online search for of such dealers. Any kind of charter services like these need a license. So if anyone is considering the purchase of such a vehicle for their agency then the first thing is that they should measure up to the safety standards of the state. If private owners are considering a tour bus for sale then they are responsible for all safety features that also include buffer for injurious, any fatalities and accidents. It should have insurance and the new model should have all licenses from the manufacturer. If one is considering a second hand sale then more care needs to be taken. The engine of the vehicle needs to be good condition. Papers of the vehicle held by the previous owner needs to be checked. An auto dealer is likely to make a file and present it to a potential buyer. It is essential to know, for how many hours the vehicle has been on the road. Its maintenance history needs to be cross checked. It is easy to see the pictures of the tour bus on sale online. But once the deal is closing, it is essential to have a physical check also. It is best to check it with the driver who will be responsible for the drive. If he is experienced and also knowledgeable he will be able to give his inputs before the bus is purchased.

Will the bus be fitted with an LCD set, Wi-Fi, music system? Does it have provision for disabled people? Can it be fitted and customized. Can the bus be taken for a ride to check if all parameters are functioning? These are some of the other vital queries that should come in the mind of the buyer.

As a rule before the sale, an inspector will also check and certify the road worthiness of the bus. Once all the emergency procedures have been complied with then it is the right time to negotiate. Now there are several dealers online and one can compare prices too. Getting the right mileage and mitigating all risks should be the priority of any buyer. One can get the right bargain for any kind of bus with the number of online portals.